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Townhouse Cubby House
THUMBNAIL: Townhouse Cubby House
Kids Cubby House
THUMBNAIL: Kids Cubby House
Timber Cubby House
THUMBNAIL: Timber Cubby House
Cubby House Townhouse
THUMBNAIL: Cubby House Townhouse
Cubby Houses
THUMBNAIL: Cubby Houses
Townhouse Cubby
THUMBNAIL: Townhouse Cubby
Townhouse Kids Cubby
THUMBNAIL: Townhouse Kids Cubby
Townhouse Elevated Cubby House
THUMBNAIL: Townhouse Elevated Cubby House
Cubby Townhouse
THUMBNAIL: Cubby Townhouse
Kids Cubby Houses
THUMBNAIL: Kids Cubby Houses




1740mm x 2600mm



The Townhouse is our littlest and cutest timber cubby house in the Outdoor Structure & Design range. It will fit in the smallest of backyards, adding charm and character. You will be amazed at how much will fit in to this gorgeous miniature home.


Townhouse Ground Package Features:


  • Yellow Tongue Flooring
  • Treated Pine Decking
  • Kiln Dried Joists
  • Treated Pine Frame
  • 2 x Front Balustrades
  • Stable Door
  • Choice of Roof Colour
  • Front Window Openings
  • Roof Trim
  • Hardware Bag



 Optional Extras - Elevation Kits - Delivery & Installation


  • Townhouse - Ground

    Our standard cubby comes with kiln dried joists which are perfect for sitting on level ground.

    • Delivery Total $200.00
    • Installation Total $320.00


  • Townhouse - add 400mm Elevation Kit

    This elevation kit is ideal for any backyard that is out of level. Let a sensational little gem of a cubby house stand out!

    • Elevation Kit 400mm add $345.00
    • Delivery Total $220.00
    • Installation Total $470.00


  • Townhouse - add 1200mm Elevation Kit

    This elevation kit will lift your cubby up to an awesome height. This elevation is ideal for children of all ages!

    • Elevation Kit 1200mm add $645.00
    • Delivery Total $230.00
    • Installation Total $530.00


  • Townhouse - add 1500mm Elevation Kit

    The kids will enjoy hours of entertainment in their new wonderland. The height is super fun and exciting for kids of all ages and comes with a sandpit underneath. Let the fun begin!

    • Elevation Kit 1500mm add $745.00
    • Delivery Total  $240.00
    • Installation Total $570.00



Photos above display optional extras - please read above list for what is included in this package. Choose your cubby, add your elevation kit then add a slide, rock wall.

You will find all the optional extras in the PLAY EQUIPMENT OPTIONS

For a full list of optional extras, or for a quote, please contact us on 0402 207 347


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